Financial matters in the litigation process can be complex.  Let us assist you by making the complex understandable and help you in reaching a resolution.
In addition to working independently, we can also act as an advisor to counsel throughout the litigation process to:

  1. Assist with the interpretation of other experts’ reports - We work with you to make sure you understand other experts’ reports, including the key assumptions and inputs that could change the conclusion. 
  2. Help assessing if a settlement offer is fair - Often settlement offers are multifaceted and can involve complex risks and tradeoffs.  We help by assessing these offers and presenting in an understandable way the risks and benefits of the offer as well as how it compared to the value of the business interest in question.
  3. Assist in preparing questions for trial - We can assist you in preparing insightful questions that can be asked of financial experts to highlight specific elements of the valuation or guideline income conclusion.

To get the best result for your client, you need to make sure you fully understand the financial aspects of the case.  We can assist you throughout the litigation process.

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