Legal professionals, business owners and accountants have relied on us to provide independent, objective opinions for over 20 years.
We have experience providing opinions in the following situations:

  1. Matrimonial matters - We have significant depth of experience with matrimonial matters in both the litigation and the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) contexts. We have participated in numerous Collaborative divorce matters and we have also provided expert testimony in BC Supreme Court on many occasions. We work both as a joint or sole expert and we know the importance of providing independent and understandable conclusions.
  2. Shareholder disputes and other litigation - Business conflicts can occur and when they do, we can assist with the valuation of a shareholder’s interest to facilitate a share transaction. We have provided expert testimony in BC Supreme Court on shareholder dispute matters.
  3. Estate administration - Executors and trustees may need valuation opinions to ensure the sale prices of interests in private companies are fair. Further, valuations may be necessary as part of the tax planning of an estate. We assist estate professionals to bring resolution to estates in an efficient manner.
  4. Tax rollovers - Obtain an efficient, independent opinion to feel confident in the value assigned in a tax rollover or other estate planning transaction. For accounting firms, we are independent and not affiliated with any other accounting firms. We’re here to support your clients.
  5. Employee stock ownership programs - Allowing employees to become shareholders can provide powerful incentives to your people to remain with the company and to work towards common goals. We can help in determining a reasonable price for the company for the purchase and sale of shares by employees.

While not an exhaustive list, we have significant experience valuing companies in the following industries:

  • Real estate holding, developers, and construction businesses
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution and wholesale
  • Transportation
  • Restaurants and other food and beverage
  • Retail
  • Financial services industry (financial institutions, credit card companies, leasing companies, brokerage or financial planner books of business, etc.)
  • Professional services (accounting firms, medical practices, chiropractic, engineering, etc.)
  • Natural resource service companies
  • Early stage technology companies including startups
  • Video game development

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Business Valuation FAQs

Q – How much will a valuation cost?
The cost of the valuation will depend on the size and complexity of the company or group of companies, the quality of the accounting records, as well as the level of report sought (calculation, estimate, or comprehensive). We bill based on the actual time incurred. Please call us for an estimate of cost.
Q – How do I know the value conclusion will be reasonable?
When valuing a company, we act as an independent expert. This means our job is to provide an expert opinion that is unbiased. In matrimonial situations where we are jointly retained, we consider the input of both parties involved in forming our opinion.
Q – I want to get a valuation but I want to know what is involved in the valuation process?
Having your business valued is an in-depth exercise and does require assistance from owners and management to facilitate a smooth and efficient process. Please call us to learn more.
Q – Do I really need to have my company valued?
We recommend you discuss this question with your legal and/or accounting advisors. An objective valuation completed by an independent party is often instrumental in moving situations of conflict forward as both parties can then understand the value of the business and propose potential solutions.